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About MediaCo Marketing

  • 1999

    David Mill and Hugh Jackson established MediaCo (uk) Ltd as a Web Publishing and Digital Marketing Agency, based in Dundee. Domain names became recognised as hot property with the following purchases … ($7.5M), ($2.9M), ($2.2M), ($1M).

  • 2000

    Yahoo! partners with Google and lets it power their organic results instead of Inktomi. MediaCo opened an additional office in Edinburgh. David and Hugh commissioned to provide key consultancy services to to help it launch its web-based portal. Google's crawler reached 1 billion indexable pages.

  • 2001

    Wikipedia was created. MediaCo expands to larger premises at Manhattan Works, in Dundee, a former mill building. Internet based business-to-business transactions were estimated at US $201.6 billion. MediaCo staff delivered Email Marketing presentations for DoubleClick in Paris, Madrid and Munich.

  • 2002

    There were 544.2 million internet users worldwide. MediaCo were commissioned by 3M and Experian to help promote their new online developments. Hundreds of Internet radio stations observed a Day of Silence in protest of proposed song royalty rate increases. Having a personal Blog became fashionable.

  • 2003

    Apple Computer introduced the Apple iTunes Music Store. Distance Learning provider ICS, part of the Thomson Learning Worldwide Group, asked MediaCo to provide digital marketing for its first website. Resultant revenue grew from zero to several £millions. The first official Swiss online election took place in Anière. Overture bought the AltaVista search Engine.

  • 2004

    ICANN authorised new top level domain; .asia, .cat, .jobs, .mobi, .tel, and .travel. MediaCo had become established as a leading supplier of Digital Marketing services. Clients included the Home Office, Corel, Britannia Building Society, Brother and Lex Vehicle Leasing. Internet Worm called MyDoom or Novarg, spread through Internet servers, infecting about 1 in 12 email messages.

  • 2005 was launched. Elsevier commissioned David Mill to author a book about writing for the web (published as “Content is King – Writing and Editing Online”). Estonia offered internet voting nationally for local elections. To try to combat blog comment spam, Google championed the creation of a nofollow attribute that could be applied at the individual link level.

  • 2006

    There are more than 92 million websites online. Zimbabwe lost most of its internet access after its satellite connectivity is cut due to non-payment. the ICS case study was nominated for two Marketing Society Awards in categories “Online Excellence” and “Marketing Services Company of the Year”. Twitter was founded.

  • 2007

    Legal online music downloads tripled to 6.7 million downloads per week. Google Street View was introduced in the United States. The online game World of Warcraft surpassed 9 million subscribers. Google started mixing recent news results in their organic search results.

  • 2008

    Google's crawler reached 1 trillion pages. The Dropbox cloud-computing storage service was publicly launched. There were more than 1.4 billion web surfers worldwide. Gadget seller Jack Sheng became the first person to earn an eBay feedback score of one million.

  • 2009

    MediaCo established an office in Singapore, headed up by former UK Director of Operations Ken McEwan. Kindle and Tumblr were launched. Actor Ashton Kutcher became the first person to have one million followers on Twitter. Two thirds of people in the UK had broadband access at home. The Internet marked its 40th anniversary.

MediaCo provides you with a full range of online digital marketing services. We can help you achieve your objectives through various means including:

Our team possesses a wide range of skills covering digital marketing, consultancy, PR, journalism, editing, copywriting, graphic design and web development.

In addition, MediaCo's senior staff have extensive digital marketing and publishing experience.

The company philosophy is simple - good service, honest values, professional solutions for professional people.

Every effort is made to cut the *!<*--? "technobabble" - and the main focus is on the provision of transparent services that deliver the key aims and serve the best interests of partners and clients.

MediaCo (uk) Ltd grew from Ltd, which was first established in London in 1996 and we have been providing Internet Marketing services since 1999.

MediaCo Marketing was established in 2009 to provide online marketing services to clients throughout Southeast Asia.

Our particular focus is on strategic online marketing services with an emphasis on creativity.

Say Hello to online Marketing with MediaCo

The company philosophy is simple - good service, honest values, professional solutions for professional

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