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Content Is King - Web Copywriting

"Content Is King - Writing and Editing Online" is the guide book for marketers, copywriters and editors authored by MediaCo's David Mill.

Published by Elsevier, here is the launch Press Release:

Content is King: Writing and Editing Online

David Mill, former national newspaper journalist and now Managing Director of MediaCo, a leading Digital Marketing Agency.

With more than 100,000,000,000 pages on the Web, how can you make yours stand out? With every website vying for consumers’ attention, the importance of making your messages clear and convincing has never been so important.

Saying the right thing to the right people is an age-old problem, and communicating effectively online presents new complications.

Appreciative of the dilemmas modern marketers face when working with online material (having been there himself!) David Mill has written Content is King.

Content Is King - Writing and Editing Online

Content is King stands apart from general copywriting titles as it’s a clear, concise and relevant guide written specifically from a marketing perspective.

Content is King provides guidance and advice on key issues and shares insider tips when writing for the online readership.

Topics such as writing and editing for websites and email, e‐zines and newsletters, search engines and online ads are all covered. Tone and style … needs and wants … both business‐to‐business and business‐to‐consumer markets are addressed so appropriate material can be created for whoever you need to communicate with.

This snappy guide is a perfect tool for marketers, copywriters and editors to enable them to produce more effective copy for publication online.

For further information about Content is King visit the companion website:

BOOK CONTENTS: Introduction Content is King; The Fundamentals; Subediting; Website Content Planning; Website Writing and Editing; Writing and Editing for Search Engines; Writing and Editing for Email; Writing and Editing for Ads; Writing and Editing – the Variety Show; Conclusions; Checklists. .

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Content is King stands apart from general copywriting titles as it’s a clear, concise and relevant guide written specifically from a marketing perspective

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