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Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

The explosion in popularity of social networking websites, coupled with the ever-changing ways in which these sites allow their users to interact with your brand, make a tailor-made social media marketing strategy a requirement for any company competing in today's market conditions.

In recent years, social media has completely transformed the way people interact with the online world, as more people than ever before sign up to social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Taking Facebook as the most notable example of extremely speedy growth, since July 2009 the website has grown its membership to 100s of millions worldwide.

Social media marketing - the new word of mouth

We all know that the most powerful marketing tool at any organisation's disposal is word of mouth. When a brand has been recommended by a dependable friend, trusted family member or some other reliable third party brand advocate, the consumer is much more likely to take the recommendation on board and subsequently purchase the brand.

With the rise of social media, there can be no doubt that the word of mouth concept has well and truly entered the online arena.

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have encouraged and continue to encourage people to move their relationships online - and it's difficult to overstate the power of Facebook and Twitter marketing.

Consequently, by way of the Internet, friends and relatives are interacting more frequently than they ever did before in the physical world and this seismic shift in social dynamics means that, every day, millions of people are recommending brands to one another online.

The powerful techniques that we employ in our social media marketing strategies - including advertising opportunities - can help your company capitalise on this influential level of brand advocacy.

Increasing brand advocacy - through social media marketing

The true power of social media marketing is to be found in the creation of a thriving online community surrounding your company, a community which consists of people talking positively about your brand on a daily basis.

We have years of experience and expertise as an online and social media marketing agency and can, therefore, provide you with an engaging social media marketing strategy that will hone your brand's online identity and help you build the bastion of brand advocacy every successful company requires.

Moreover, along the way, our social media strategy development framework will continually measure, monitor and manage your brand advocacy levels - since it's this data which indicates how successful you are in strengthening your brand's online relationships.

We'd be pleased to hear from you if you'd like to know more about Social Media Optimization with MediaCo…

The powerful techniques that we employ in our social media marketing strategies can help your company capitalise on this influential level of brand advocacy

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