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Social Media Optimization

The aim of Social Media Optimization (SMO) is to maximise your usage of the key social media channels to increase engagement with your customers, broaden the reach of your business and build and protect your reputation online as an integral part of your digital marketing activity.

The key campaign elements include:

  • Strategy Development.
  • Idea Generation and Planning.
  • Material Creation
    (using a variety of content types).
  • Optimization
    (of messages, depending on content type and objectives).
  • Publishing Content.
  • Promotion and Amplification
    (to increase reach and engagement).
  • Measurement and Reporting.

A successful SMO strategy will also leverage the relationship between the various social channels, for example with Twitter being used to promote content presented elsewhere and with a web Blog often being the hub and first point of publication.

When approaching Idea Generating and Planning for Social media Optimization purposes, our aim at MediaCo is to place emphasis on a regular stream of engaging, informative and shareable content.

The creative team involved includes participants from copywriting, design, social and technical.

We find that the Content Planning benefits strongly from the development and maintenance of an Editorial Calendar containing key dates, specific planned topics, ideas and content types.

Material Creation is covered by our in-house team and, when relevant, sourced from an on-demand group of specialists. It is always optimized for maximum effectiveness, depending on the content type and your objectives.

Publication of content follows various campaign-specific procedures, including review and moderation by you as required. Scheduling is also often used to ensure publication takes place at the most suitable time.

To increase reach and engagement, Promotion and Amplification activity is conducted, boosting the effectiveness of your optimized approach to social media. This includes our usage of methods and resources developed over time for search engine optimization purposes and, as required, social media advertising.

Measurement and Reporting is provided within the in-house-developed MediaCo Metrics system;  a secure, virtual dashboard providing real-time, on-demand, tracking and analysis of key Digital Marketing metrics including social media monitoring elements.

Social Signals Count Towards Search Engine Visibility

NB: Social Media Optimization activity strongly contributes to your search engine visibility. Google is increasingly using social media signals within its ranking algorithm to evaluate the importance and popularity of websites.

We'd be pleased to hear from you if you'd like to know more about Social Media Optimization with MediaCo

A successful social media optimization strategy will leverage the relationship between the various channels, for example with Twitter being used to promote content presented elsewhere and with a web Blog often being the hub and first point of publication.

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