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The Title Tag and Meta Tags are HTML tags giving information about a web page. They are inserted within the code and the content of the Title Tag is what you see at the top of your browser.

The two meta tags that some search engines read are the meta keywords tag and the meta description tag.

Visitors don't see these tags unless they view the source code of the page.


< TITLE> Writing & Editing Online - Guide for Marketers, Copywriters & Editors< /TITLE>

Try to use up to 10 words but, if necessary, use up to 15. NB: the first 60 characters (including punctuation and spaces) are the most crucial.

Not only does the Title Tag appear at the top of the web pages, it's the link people see in search results.

So, well-written Title Tags will result in more clicks.


The Title Tag is a key influencer of search engine positioning. Therefore, during on-page seo, it should be varied on each page to reflect the specific content it heads.

< /NOTE>


(Important to use as the content can be presented as the summary of your page within some search engine results. For example, often in Google.

< META name="e description" content=" Writing & Editing Online. Guide for Marketers, Copywriters & Editors. Includes copywriting, sub-editing, websites, email, search engines, ezines, newsletters, online ads, banners, pay per click ads ." >

The description tag should include targeted search phrases but keep the important keywords at the beginning and try not to use more than 200 characters (including punctuation and spaces).

(Less important at this moment in time for search engine optimization, SEO, as often ignored by the major search engines).

< META name=" keywords" content=" writing and editing online, guide, book, writing, editing, online, internet, marketer, copywriting, sub-editing, editor, websites, website, email, search engines, ezines, newsletters, ezine, newsletter, online ads, banners, pay per click ads, business to business, business to consumer, david mill, advertisement, banner" >

During search engine optimization, use the most important key phrases first and use each keyword no more than three times, include plurals. The keywords tag should be less than 1000 characters (including punctuation and spacing) although no gain will be achieved if a keyword or phrase is not also used within the body text of the page.


Deeper search engine optimization (SEO)

If you do venture deeper into search engine territory, you will encounter commentary about keyword density, relevance, stemming and so on. And, by then, you will most probably either retreat back to your writing zone or plunge on into the inner depths of search engine optimization.

Either way, you will realise what matters most for search engine optimization (SEO) is the relevance of your content. And, if it's not relevant (to readers or searchers), it simply isn't working in any case!

And, for those who may suggest the contents of Keyword and Description Tags are like magic bullets, stop! This is simply not the case. I say again, it's the visible words that matter most from a search engine optimization perspective.

< /NOTE>


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The Title Tag is a key influencer. During search engine optimization (SEO), it should be varied on each


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