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Online readers tend to initially skim text rather than read every word so sub-headings and emphasis draw them to key areas or important content.

And, guess what, it works for search engines, too. They assume more importance is being placed on phrases in bold and within headings (which a web developer will appropriately tag e.g. < H3> Heading here< /H3> ) and phrases used in this way will help boost positioning if they match users’ searches.

Another way to make effective use of your targeted search phrases during search engine optimization (SEO) while also assisting (those skimming, scanning) readers is to include them within bullet lists. For example:

MediaCo’s online marketing services include:

But, beware, do not try to stuff every possible search phrase into one piece of copy or a single page. The shotgun approach just does not work with search engine optimization. From a search engine perspective, this would simply dilute the weight of the individual phrases and it’s most likely to appear clumsy to your readers.

Rather, organise your content logically with, ideally, each page being focused on a single topic and split material into separate pages or sections.

This will assist your readers and allow the correct emphasis to be placed on targeted phrases – best search engine optimization (SEO) practice is one primary phrase per page.

Also, don’t be tempted to be over repetitive simply in an attempt to shovel your key phrases into short or early copy.

For example, I doubt if you would be comfortable reading or writing this:

Writing and Editing Online is about effective writing and editing for online. This guide on editing and writing online is an essential resource for anyone wishing to improve their writing and editing online. Writing and editing online – the guide.

Google-eyed? Unfortunately, this misguided ‘shuffle the words’ approach to search engine optimization is adopted by some who have no respect for written words or the people likely to read them.

A craftsperson will achieve better results by weaving the words much more effectively.

< TIP>

Keyphrase research

While, of course, you will be well aware of the subject matter on which you are writing, you may not always know what phrases people are using to find such material by way of the search engines.

It is, therefore, important to conduct some keyphrase research at the outset or your search engine optimization activity.
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The shotgun approach to copywriting just does not work with search engine optimization


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