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Creating persuasive content to connect with customers is the key to your success.


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Email Marketing content

When we approach Email Marketing Content as part of a digital marketing strategy, we ensure the material successfully adheres to fundamental best practice. That is:

  • Key content is quickly and easily consumed.
  • Content is organised in an easy-to-follow structure.

And it:

  • Enhances the customers’ experience.
  • Keeps them engaged.
  • Successfully gains the desired actions.
  • Delivers the objectives.

Key Email Marketing Elements

Special attention is paid to the following key email marketing elements:

  • The “From” header
    Giving the recipient an important identifier as to the source of the communication.
  • Subject Lines
    Ensuring effective usage of the viewable characters.
  • Body content
    Grabbing the attention of the recipient after they open the message and ensuring it …
    • Is relevant and focused.
    • Makes the objective obvious.
    • Quickly highlights the benefits.
    • Is obvious where the recipients should click.
    • Is obvious why they should click.

Generally speaking, with regard to the message itself, our aim is for it to:

  • Be clear and concise.
    Written in plain language.
  • Avoid jargon.
    No buzzwords, jargon, funky phrases or punctuation unless expected and understood by the recipients.
  • Speak their language.
    Adopting the correct tone and personality for the recipients.
  • Be kept short.
    Saying as little as it takes to meet your objectives.
  • Be immediately of interest.
    Having the key points and main click-through links in the immediately-viewable area of the email.
  • Provoke action.
    Higher links always gain higher clicks.
  • Be accurate.
    To boost your credibility.
  • Be written in an informal, light style.
    Suiting the approach of one-to-one email communication.
  • Be genuine.
    Avoiding hype and marketese.
  • Be easily-consumed by the skimming reader.
    Through text formatting and graphics.
  • Be as consistent as possible with your website.
    While the email marketing messages may be more intimate and conversational than the content of your website, the gap between them should not be substantial.

Also see Email Marketing Introduction, Methodology and Audience Engagement.

Please do Contact Us if you are interested in Email Marketing with MediaCo.

While the email marketing messages may be more intimate and conversational than the content of your website, the gap between them should not be substantial

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